To (E), or Not To (E)

Many people are unaware that
"whisk(e)y" can be spelled with or without the letter "e".

Originally, "whisky" was the common spelling used. In the late 1800's, during a period when the quality of Scotch being sold declined, Irish and American distilleries adopted a new spelling, "whiskey", in order to differentiate themselves from their Scottish competition.

Today the spelling of "whisky" is generally used for whiskies from Scotland, Wales, Canada, and Japan, while "whiskey" is used by distilleries in Ireland and America, though a number of exceptions to the rule do exist.

"Whiskey" in our logo is spelled with a stylized letter "e" meant to represent its optional inclusion and is a nod to our world whiskey focus.  In this web site we use both spellings and base usage on norms in the country of a whiskey's origination.  

Nosing vs. Tasting

An event in which whiskey is evaluated can be referred to as a "whiskey tasting", or, a "whiskey nosing" interchangeably.

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Have a look our eMonthly, Whiskey Toronto.

Whiskey (wis'kee, n. Also whisky, or Scotch)   A natural extension of the human craving for flavour, attraction to scent & fascination with scarcity.

Vanek Whiskey Events create extraordinary whisky tasting experiences.  Based out of Toronto, Ontario, we work with corporate, fundraising and private clients alike to make their special events memorable.


At Vanek Whiskey Events we set the stage for the optimal enjoyment of whiskey.  Our focus is to heighten the perception, appreciation and understanding of what is a very personal endeavour, sampling the unique combination of flavours found in a fine whiskey.


Great whiskeys begin their journey to Toronto from all over the world and don't adhere to just one style of production.  Award winning taste can be found in Scotch, Irish Whiskey, American Bourbon, Canadian Rye and Japanese Whisky, which is why Vanek Whiskey Events includes all of these styles as options at our functions.


Just as the appreciation of flavours varies from individual to individual, so too are the needs of a host or planner unique.  To help you meet your event objectives, Vanek Whiskey Events customizes each of its tasting events to fit your plans like a hand-made suit.


Whether your gathering is for client appreciation, fundraising, customers or club members, our event priorities remain constant:

  • Create an entertaining and contemporary whisky tasting experience without equal
  • Provide uncompromising professionalism & customer service
  • Educate participants about whiskey and help them discover how they enjoy experiencing it the most, and
  • Ensure a safe tasting experience

Vanek Whiskey Events, a contemporary approach to an historic drink, for the discerning client.